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5 thoughts on “Sign the petition

  1. Deborah Hollinger {Raymond}

    Hi Paula
    Just wanted to reach out and touch. I read about your mom and am appalled at the nightmare you are going through.
    My Dad had a stroke in Apr 2013 and had to be placed in Spencers July 2013. He got in very quickly as he does not require as much care as most at the home. He has mobility problems with some dementia and my mom is unable to care for him at home.
    I know how hard it is on family when you have to place a parent in a facility. Add on the funding problems you are experiencing and I don’t know how you cope.
    My heart goes out to you and your family. I wish you the best of luck. I hope this can and will be resolved soon. Thinking about you.
    A voice from your past :}
    Debbie Raymond

  2. Darlene Sutherland/Carl Robertson

    It’s definitely time for Alward to be a thing of the past!! If he is re-elected, a mass exodus from this province is suggested. We simply cannot exist (live) like this anymore. We’ve had enough.

  3. Ken Sawyer

    I agree I think is`s time the Alward cronies get off the seniors back every day you see pieces in the news paper about the seniors costing the province a lot of money.

    They are on the seniors back about care for them . They harp the province is in bad shape sure as hell not the seniors that put it there . A lot of them worked for 1$ per day went through the dirty 30s & the depression fought in the wars & Yes they paid taxes all their life . Just a shame .Now after all these years the Gov wants to bleed every last penny they have .

    1. Ken Sawyer

      Forgot to add on my comment Come Election time they will be there at the Senior homes hugging shaking hands but only to get their vote, so not a lot has changed over the years


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