FAQ’s just posted

Just added a new FAQ page to the website. A lot of questions that are commonly asked are answered. If your question is not answered add it in the comments section at the bottom and we will address it.


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2 thoughts on “FAQ’s just posted

  1. Rhonda Reid

    This is directly effecting 3 residents at our facility. This policy was changed and not explained to us and we feel cheated by the department. It feels like we are just yelling into a hollow canyon when asking for information. Not the fault of the Social Workers, they are messengers. Often they must feel they are left out of the loop of knowledge, including our Facility Coordinator.

    1. Amy Klassen

      I agree Rhonda, the frontline workers in long-term care are doing excellent work. Weak collaboration from any part of the chain-of-command (especially the DSD central office) leads to confusion and poorly informed decision making. In the NB Long-term Care Strategy 2008 (these are the concepts being developed for our provincial long-term care program) the strategic plan states: “Government will work with the community and private sector partners, including private-for-profit and not-for-profit businesses, volunteer organizations, and municipal governments to provide high quality services. Government will continue to conduct standardized assessments to determine the need for long-term care services, recognizing functional limitations and the ability to access informal care.”


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