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Moncton family’s anti-PC flyers don’t break election rules

A Moncton-area family is not violating campaign financing rules despite sending out 90,000 flyers slamming the Progressive Conservative government’s policy on seniors.

The flyer stating ‘Say no to David Alward’s senior care policy’ arrived in 90,000 New Brunswick homes last week.

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Moncton – All Candidates Q&A

Council of Canadians – Moncton Chapter:

A small group of citizens have been working on to organize a series of “All-candidate Town Hall Q & As” in Moncton leading up to the provincial election Sept 22nd. I’ve attached the posters for the events. We would appreciate if you would attend one of these events and/or help us get the word out about these public forums to friends and colleagues. The meetings will be held the first two weeks of September 2014 in each of Moncton’s 5 electoral districts.

Our goal for these public meetings is to boost public engagement in the 2014 provincial election.

We are very excited about this project and hope it will be the start of something important for citizens of Moncton. Although leaders’ debates are fairly common, to our knowledge, this is the first time Moncton will have a public forum with local candidates. The meetings will be:

  • Non-Partisan with guidance from Elections N.B., we are confident our Town Halls will meet their standard for an independent public meeting.
  • Community-led with each meeting organized, moderated, and recorded by a member of the community.
  • Direct citizen engagement with candidates responding to questions from meeting attendees on issues that matter to them.
  • Bilingual with candidates responding in the language in which the question was posed

We’ve developed a process to ensure questions to the candidates will be on a diversity of topics and that no single interest group will be able to dominate the questioning. Each member of the audience will be given the opportunity to put their “ballot” in one of 6 boxes. The boxes will be labeled “Economy/Jobs”, “Education”, “Environment/Natural Resources”, “Health”, “Other” & “Social Justice”. The moderator will draw “ballots” from each of the 6 categories in rotation. As “ballots” are drawn, the audience member with the “ballot” will be given the opportunity ask one question to the candidates.

We are widely promoting these events with the hope that we will get a diverse group of citizens who will ask candidates questions on a broad range of topics. We have also invited the media to these public forums.  We hope that you will help us promote these events by posting the attached posters on your bulletin boards, facebook pages, email lists and/or events section of your websites.

Thanks in advance for helping to encourage civic engagement in the electoral process.

Poster-E  Poster-F

If you’re not sure which riding you’re in, check the map linked below:

Election Map

Call to action:

If you want to do something about this issue, we’d recommend calling and emailing David Alward and your local MLA. Contact info is below:

David Alward:

twitter: @PremierNB

phone: 506-453-2144 (Fredericton)
fax: 506-453-7407 (Fredericton)

phone: 506-325-4990 (Woodstock)
fax: 506-325-4991 (Woodstock)

List of New Brunswick MLA’s


Newspaper Flyer

Below is the flyer inserted in most newspapers distributed in Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John today, August 18/2014.

Print and save this flyer. Keep it handy as a reminder of questions to ask candidates when they come knocking at your door asking for your vote.