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Telegraph-Journal – Senior Care Policy Under Fire

Senior Care Policy Under Fire1Senior Care Policy Under Fire2

CHRIS MORRIS Legislature Bureau
September 18, 2014

FREDERICTON • Amy Klassen still can’t believe the notation she read recently on the medical chart of an elderly patient which said the woman “was fit to reside in the hallway” of a hospital.

Klassen, who owns and operates the McNair Manor special care homes in the Moncton area, has been engaged in a long and difficult battle with the Department of Social Development over a policy change that effectively shuts the door of special care homes to many seniors.

“No one is fit to reside in a hallway,” Klassen said in an interview Wednesday, as she appealed for political will when it comes to long-term care for seniors in New Brunswick.

“Our seniors and their families are being blocked from accessing affordable and practical solutions.”

Klassen is unhappy that more attention has not been paid to the special care home problem on the election trail, despite the circulation of about 90,000 flyers by an affected family prior to the start of the campaign that highlighted concerns with senior care in the province.

Klassen’s homes and other specialized care homes now have empty beds in their facilities because of the Tory government’s change to admission criteria which has effectively eliminated access to subsidies for about three-quarters of what are called “level 3B seniors” – seniors who have medical needs and require personal care but who can walk, perhaps with the aid of a walker. Continue reading