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Mark Mattison’s Appeal Letter to Premier Alward

January 31, 2014                                                                                                      184 Savannah Drive

Honourable David Alward – Premier of New Brunswick                                  Moncton, N.B. E1A-6T7


Dear Premier Alward,

Please accept this letter as a request for the Alward government to reconsider the Department of Social Development’s (DSD) policy change of May 2012, which eliminated both choice and financial subsidy for acute care seniors entering specialized care homes in New Brunswick.

My mother, Pauline Mattison, is eighty three years old, a dialysis patient at the George Dumont Hospital, has advanced macular degeneration, and since falling and breaking both her hip and elbow last spring, requires 24 hour care. As her rehabilitation began to plateau in September 2013, it became readily apparent that there were very limited care options for my mother. Both Spencer’s and Monarch were not accepting dialysis patients due to the suspension of the subsidized, provincial transportation.  In fact, they wouldn’t even put her on a waiting list. After extensive research we finally secured a bed at McNair Manor, only to discover that the provincial government had, in May 2012, changed the admission criteria for seniors entering specialized care homes. Only those patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, or serious dementia, would now qualify for the provincial subsidy. To place mom into McNairs, DSD told us that the family would have to sign a “private pay waiver” which effectively meant that she would never be eligible to receive a provincial subsidy while residing at a specialized care home. Initially, DSD’s very scripted response was that they felt my mother “would be at risk and would receive inferior care” at a private home. Of course, as soon as our family signed the private pay waiver, those concerns were no longer an issue. How convenient. For the record, the care mom has received at McNairs has been exemplary, confirming what our pre-placement research had indicated. Continue reading

Pauline Mattison Appeal

Just received an email from Mark Mattison, his mother is a prime example of someone caught up in this situation. The Mattison family has been through a very frustrating experience thus far dealing with this new policy. Mark gave me his permission to post the letter.

“As a family we are infuriated at how we were “played” throughout this entire ordeal and the level of stress placed upon us by countless layers of bureaucracy, who changed the rules on a whim, using strategic tactics of delay, deny, and confuse. I’m equally upset as a taxpayer in that a specialized care home can deliver a bed 50% cheaper than a nursing home. No one disputes this; in fact, Dumont administration confirmed it to my sister and me.”

Click the link below to read the entire letter:

Pauline Mattison Appeal
Pauline Mattison Appeal