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News 91.9 – Mark Mattison Interview

News 91.9 did another interview with Mark Mattison this morning on the topic of Social Development long term care admission policy and Minister Madeline Dube’s response:

“She then publicly stated she supports enforced segregation of seniors with dementia, stereotyping seniors with dementia as quote unquote dangerous and a risk to well minded seniors. These are atrocious claims…”

Listen to the full interview here:


News 91.9 Radio Interview with Amy Klassen

Amy Klassen of McNair Manor had an interview on News 91.9 Thursday morning (Nov 28) with Tyler McLean about the lack of action on DSD’s part. Residents that would have formerly been Level 3B in New Brunswick are still being denied access to small-scale more home like special care homes and are instead stranded in hospital beds.

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Also posted are previous radio interviews done by News 91.9. Listen below:

Oct 2/2013  Interview with Mark Mattison

Oct 3/2013  Interview with Amy Klassen, business operator, McNair Manor

Oct 7/2013  Interview with Joan McCarthy, Manager, Department of Social Development

Oct 8/2013  Interview with Vicki Ward, business operator, Hillside View Manor

News 91.9 Radio Interview with Vicki Ward

Vicki Ward of Hillside View Special Care Home was interviewed on News 91.9 this morning. She’s pointing out major gaps in Joan McCarthy’s interview. Mainly that Joan tried to defer the issue to home care or Level 2 facilities filling the gap created by the new policy. This just proves Joan’s complete lack of knowledge of how the system even works. The individuals being affected by this policy require Level 3 care. Home care and Level 2 homes can not care for these individuals.

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News 91.9 Radio Interview with Joan McCarthy

Joan McCarthy, Manager at Department of Social Development was interviewed on News 91.9 this morning with Tyler McLean. Her only interest seemed to be to throw special care homes under the bus for charging a “top up”. Never mind that the per diem rate the province allows for 3B special care home residents has increased only 15% in 16 years while wage expenses alone have gone up 40+%, never mind the cost of groceries, supplies, utilities, insurance and all other costs associated with running a special care home. She completely avoided even discussing all those left out by this policy that previously had access to special care home placement.

Listen to it here:

News 91.9 Radio Interview with Amy Klassen

Amy Klassen, of McNair Manor had an interview on News 91.9 this morning with Tyler McLean. She discusses the unfortunate term of seniors in hospital beds being called bed blockers. In many cases these individuals are actually being blocked from appropriate care facilities due to an unfortunate new policy be the Department of Social Development that was not well thought out and narrows significantly who can be admitted to Level 3B special care homes.

Listen to it here:

News 91.9 Radio Interview with Mark Mattison

Mark Mattison’s mother Pauline is an unfortunate example of someone left behind by DSD’s new 3B admission policy. Because of the new DSD policy she was going to be stuck occupying a hospital bed for 1-2 years waiting for a nursing home bed. In 2012 she would have been assessed as needing Level 3B care and would have had access to assistance and been able to move into a 3B facility. As of 2013 simply because she lacks a diagnosis of advanced dementia she no longer has the option of moving into a 3B facility unless she pays privately. DSD is forcing individuals like her to stay in hospital until a nursing home beds becomes available. Both the hospital bed and nursing home bed costing the province significantly more than a 3B facility.

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