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The New Brunswick Department of Social Development delivers “research”

The New Brunswick Department of Social Development finally delivered the research they claim proves the need for their segregated dementia policy. This research had been requested in early 2013 and DSD refused to supply it. McNair Manor ended up putting in a legal Right to Information request to which DSD had 30 days to supply the information. As was posted earlier DSD did not meet the 30 day deadline and instead extended the deadline another 30 days. In mid Decemeber the bankers box pictured below was finally delivered.

It includes 118 research documents on dementia. No mention whatsoever of pilot studies DSD has referred to several times in New Brunswick and on top of that, very few of the documents DSD used for their research even support segregation. The majority endorse an inclusive and normalized environment.

We are working on scanning and uploading all the documents to this site so you can read them for yourself. They will be available here:

2013-12-03_DSD RTI research response-photo

Is it right to segregate people who have dementia?

John R. Burton, M.D. Director, Johns Hopkins Geriatric Education Center wrote an article on dementia and whether it is right to segregate those with dementia from others. Here’s an excerpt:

“Some of these homes are brilliant but I would argue that the better they are, the less overtly specialist and the more normal and homely they seem. They may be specialist homes but their speciality is in real relationships taking place in an authentic community or family setting.

These are places where there is an overwhelming feeling of togetherness rather than separation.”

Read the whole article here:

Alzheimer Society of Canada: Guidelines for Care

The Department of Social Services has indicated several times that they have research from Alzheimer’s Societies worldwide to backup their model of segregation and discrimination. However the Alzheimer Society of Canada promotes a person-centred model of care not a diagnosis based model.

“The person-centred philosophy focuses on the individual rather than on the condition, and on the person’s strengths and abilities rather than losses.”

guidelines for care