Dementia Research

This is the research the New Brunswick Department of Social Development provided McNair Manor by Right To Information request to support their policy, click the article titles below to see the individual articles and click here to see RTI response letter.

# Author Year Title
1 Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2002 Designing and managing care homes for people with dementia
2 The Dementia Centre – Hammond Care - Introduction to dementia design principles and the research evidence that supports them
3 The King's Fund 2012 Developing supportive design for people with dementia: Overarching design principles
4 Weyerer et al 2010 Evaluation of special and traditional dementia care in nursing homes: results from a cross-sectional study in Germany
5 Verbeek 2011 Redesigning dementia care: An evaluation of small-scale – homelike care environments
6 U.S. Congress – Office of Technology Assessment 1992 Special Care Units for People with Alzheimer's and other dementias: Consumer education – research – regulatory – and reimbursement issues
7 Kane et al 2007 Resident outcomes in small-house nursing homes: A longitudinal evaluation of the initial Green House program
8 Grant-Savela - Outdoor spaces
9 Slaughter et al 2006 Measuring physical and social environments in nursing homes for people with middle- to late-stage dementia
10 Marquardt 2011 Wayfinding for people with dementia: A review of the role of architectural design
11 Fleming & Purandare 2010 Long-term care for people with dementia: Environmental design guidelines
12 Grant-Savela - Living rooms & social spaces
13 Powell Lawton 2001 The physical environment of the person with Alzheimer's disease
14 Cioffi et al 2007 The effect of environmental change on residents with dementia: The perceptions of relatives and staff
15 Grant-Savela - Care setting configuration and size
16 Caikins 2001 The physical and social environment of the person with Alzheimer's disease
17 Calkins 2011 Evidence-based design for dementia
18 Wisdem 2011 Environmental design and dementia – Discussion paper: Madrid 2011
19 van Hoof & Kort 2008 Designing a supportive living environment for older people with dementia
20 The King's Fund 2013 Is your care home dementia friendly? EHE Environmental Assessment Tool
21 lnnes et al 2011 Care home design for people with dementia: What do people with dementia and their family carers value?
22 Calkins - History of creating settings for people with dementia
23 Gutman 81 Killam 1989 Special care units for dementia: staff and family perceptions
24 Queensland Government 1999 Design guidelines for Queensland residential aged care facilities
25 Alzheimer's Australia 2004 Dementia care and the built environment – Position paper 3
26 Day at al 2000 The therapeutic design of environments for people with dementia: A review of the empirical research
27 Barnes 2002 The design of caring environments and the quality of life of older people
28 Timlin & Rysenbry - Design for dementia
29 Thomson Adsett 2010 Aged care: Designing for demential units
30 RNAO 2004 Caregiving strategies for older adults with delirium – dementia and depression
31 The National Care Forum - Statement of best practice: Key principles of person-centered dementia care
32 - - Dementia care in rural and remote settings: A systematic review of formal or paid care
33 Archibald 1997 Specialist dementia units: A practice guide for staff
34 Alzheimer's Australia 2003 Quality dementia care: Position paper 2
35 National Center for Assisted Living - Guiding principles for dementia care in assisted living
36 Robinson 2007 Utilizing best practice in dementia care
37 British Columbia 2012 Best practice guideline for accommodating and managing behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in residential care: A person-centered interdisciplinary approach
38 The Dementia Services Development Centre 2010 Best practice review: Diagnostic and post-diagnostic service provision to people with dementia and their careers with particular interest in remote and rural populations
39 Douglas et al 2004 Non-pharmacological interventions in dementia
40 Alzheimer Society 2010 Rising Tide: The impact of dementia on Canadian society
41 Alzheimer's Disease International 2012 World Alzheimer Report 2012: Overcoming the stigma of dementia
42 Alzheimer Society Canada 2012 Dementia's rising numbers spell trouble for Canada's health-care system
43 Alzheimer Society Canada 2012 A new way of looking at the impact of dementia in Canada
44 Alzheimer Society 2011 Guidelines for care: Person-centered care of people with dementia living in care homes – Framework
45 Zadelhoff et al 2011 Good care in group home iiving for people with dementia. Experiences of residents – family and nursing staff
46 Special Committee on Aging United States Senate 2011 Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia: A comparison of international approaches
47 Lee et al 2010 Enhancing dementia care: A primary care-based memory clinic
48 Green & Kleissen 2013 Early onset dementia: A narrative review of the literature
49 Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland - Improving medical treatment for people with dementia
50 PD Clark Group CIHR Dementia-NET 2005 The effect of environmental design in managing behavioral problems and meetings the needs of people with dementia
51 Stone - Long-term care for the elderly with disabilities: Current policy – emerging trends – and implications for the twenty-first century
52 Leroi et al 2007 A comparison of small and large assisted living facilities for the diagnosis and care of dementia: the Maryland assisted living study
53 Hebert et al 2001 Factors associated with long-term institutionalization of older people with dementia: Data from the Canadian Study of Health and Aging
54 Kopetz et al 2000 Characteristics and outcomes of dementia residents in an assisted living facility
55 Marshall 1999 What do service planners and policy-makers need from research?
56 American Academy of Neurology 2013 The Canadian Study of Health and Aging: Risk factors for Alzheimer's disease in Canada
57 Haupt & Kurz 1993 Predictors of nursing home placement in patients with Alzheimer's disease
58 Annerstedt et al 1993 Medical outcome of psychosocial intervention in demented patients: One-year clinical follow-up after relocation into group living units
59 Gutman 1992 Shelter & Care of persons with dementia
60 Sloane 2002 The Therapeutic Environment Screening Survey for Nursing Homes [TESS-NH): An observational instrument for assessing the physical environment of institutional settings for persons with dementia
61 Rovner et al 1990 Stability over one year in patients admitted to a nursing home dementia unit
62 Patterson et al 2001 The recognition – assessment and management of dementing disorders: Conclusions from the Canadian Consensus Conference on Dementia
63 Bergman 2009 Meeting the challenge of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders: A vision focused on the individual – humanism – and excellence
64 Moise et al 2004 Dementia care in 9 OECD countries: A comparative analysis
65 Knapp et al 2007 Dementia: international comparisons
66 Brooker et al 2011 The Enriched Opportunities Programme for people with dementia: A cluster-randomised controlled trial in 10 extra care housing schemes
67 Smith et al 2008 Dementia care in assisted living: needs and challenges
68 Sambrook et al 2004 Canadian outcomes study in dementia: Study methods and patient characteristics
69 O'Malley & Croucher 2005 Housing and dementia care – a scoping review of the Iiterature
70 Verbeek et al 2009 Small – homelike care environments for older people with dementia: a literature review
71 US. Department of Health and Human Services 2010 2010 Alzheimer's disease: A deeper understanding – Progress report
72 Bicket et al 2010 The physical environment influences neuropsychiatric symptoms and other outcomes in assisted living residents
73 Cantley & Wilson 2002 'Put yourself in my place': Designing and managing care homes for people with dementia
74 Alzheimer's Association 2006 Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Assisted Living Residences and Nursing Homes
75 ElderCareLink (website) - Do special care units work in dementia care?
76 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 1995 Overview of long term care in five nations: Australia – Canada – The Netherlands – Norway and The United States
77 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2005 State Residential Care and Assisted Living Policy: 2004
78 Brawley 2001 Environmental design for Alzheimer's disease: A quality of life issue
79 - - Overview and policy implications
80 Effective Health Care Program 2011 Comparison of characteristics of nursing homes and other residential long-term care settings for people with dementia
81 - - Developing meaningful connections with people with dementia: A training manual
82 Klein & Parks 2004 Special care units for dementia: A survey of Connecticut nursing homes
83 Alzheimer's Society - National dementia vision for Wales: Dementia supportive communities
84 - - Regulations and guidelines for special care units
85 Alzheimer's Association - State Alzheimer's disease plans
86 Cahill et al 2003 'They have started to call it their club': A survey of staff views of dementia-specific day care centres in Ireland
87 Kitwood & Woods 1996 Training and development strategy for dementia care in residential settings
88 Scottish Government 2011 Scotland's National Dementia Strategy
89 Scottish Government 2009 Recognising the needs of people with dementia in NHS accident and emergency departments: Supporting guidance
90 (Government of Northern Ireland) 2011 Improving dementia services in Northern Ireland: A regional strategy
91 Alzheimer's Australia 2011 National strategies to address dementia: A report by Alzheimer's Australia
92 O'Shea O'Reilly 1999 An action plan for dementia
93 Cahill et al 2012 Creating excellence in dementia care: A research review for IrelandÌs National Dementia Strategy
94 Lange et al - Housing with care for people with dementia in the Netherlands
95 Government of New Brunswick - 2011-2016 Nursing Home Renovation and Replacement Plan
96 Alzheimer's Australia 2007 Quality dementia care standards: A guide to practice for managers in residential aged care facilities
97 All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia – UK 2009 Prepared to care: Challenging the dementia skills gap
98 Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services - Dementia Plan 2015
99 NSW Government 2011 Dementia services framework 2010-2015
100 Alzheimer's Society – UK - Dementia training for care providers
101 Michigan Dementia Coalition 2008 Knowledge and skills needed for dementia care: A guide for direct care workers in everyday language
102 Health Information and Quality Authority - Your guide to the national quality standards for residential care settings for older people in Ireland
103 Alzheimer Scotland - Standards of care for dementia in Scotland: A guide for people with dementia and their carers
104 Alzheimer's New Zealand - National dementia strategy 2010-2015
105 UK 2009 Living well with dementia: A national dementia strategy
106 - - National strategy on dementia: Summary of consultation process
107 Nursing Homes Ireland 2012 Submission from Nursing Homes Ireland: Development of a national strategy on dementia
108 - 2009 Living well with dementia: A national dementia strategy implementation plan
109 Health Information and Quality Authority - National quality standards for residential care settings for older people in Ireland
110 The Dementia Network of Ottawa 2005 Position paper on dementia education
111 Scottish Government 2010 Scotlands national dementia strategy
112 Alzehimer's and Related Disorders Society of India 2010 Dementia India report 2010: Prevalence – impact – costs & services for dementia
113 De Rooij et al 2011 Quality of life of residents with dementia in long-term care settings in the Netherlands and Belgium: Design of a longitudinal comparative study in traditional nursing homes and small-scale living facilities
114 Scottish Government 2011 Standards of care for dementia in Scotland: Action to support the change programme – Scotland's National Dementia Strategy
115 Lustman 2011 National French plan for "Alzheimer and related diseases" 2008-2012
116 Woods - The future of dementia provision
117 Verbeek et al 2009 The effects of small-scale – homelike facilities for older people with dementia on residents – family caregivers and staff: Design of a longitudinal – quasi-experimental study
118 Alzheimer Australia - The building: The environment and dementia

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