The Issue

The New Brunswick Department of Social Development (DSD) has recently made a drastic change to the admission policy for Level 3B special care homes in New Brunswick.

Due to the Department of Social Development’s new rules only those with Alzheimer’s or advanced dementia can be admitted. Other frail elderly in need of Level 3 care in NB including those with advanced diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease, stroke, cancer, macular degeneration and any other condition other than advanced dementia are no longer permitted to be admitted due to this DSD policy and being re-routed to Nursing Home wait lists. Unless that is, you wish to pay privately, as DSD has cut the subsidy previously available to these individuals. The Department of Social Development is however happy to pay more the double the cost for these individuals to go to Nursing Homes.

We feel this policy is very discriminatory and a complete misuse of public funds. It needs to change. There is a petition link  on this site if you would like to express your opposition as well as contact info for representatives at DSD along with Premier Alward’s email address and contact info for MLA’s across New Brunswick if you would like to express your opinions personally.

One thought on “The Issue

  1. Karen Davidson

    Hi I tried sharing on Face book but was not successful. I put your website address on my timeline asking all my friends to sign the PETION. It really bothers me what this has done to your family and families every where. People need to stand together and fight to get this back to the way it was when it was successful. I hope he does not get voted back in. I know he won’t get mine.

    Karen Davidson


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