What Can You Do?

In addition to signing the petition, email your concerns to Premier David Alward and CC representatives of the Department of Social Development and your local MLA’s.

To: David.Alward@gnb.ca               Premier
CC: Madeleine.Dube@gnb.ca         Minister of Social Development
CC: Edith.Doucet@gnb.ca              Deputy Minister of DSD
CC: Jean.Rioux@gnb.ca                 Assistant Deputy Minister of DSD
CC: Janet.Thomas@gnb.ca            Executive Director Adults with Disabilities and Senior Services
CC: Joan.Mccarthy@gnb.ca           Manager Long Term Care & Disability Support Services
CC: 2-3 of the MLAs in your respective region. A list of MLA’s across the province along with their email addresses can be found at http://www1.gnb.ca/legis/bios1/index-e.asp.

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